At this age, parents are scared that their children don’t even get rose thorns, whereas my 6 Years old ROSE gets insulin injections in routine” with crying eyes, this was narrated by a 25 years of age poor laborer Mr. Shahzad Hussain as his beautiful 5 years old only child Master Rehman Haider suffers from Type-1 Diabetes.
In September 2020 with lots of hope, Mr. Shahzad Hussain borrowed some money from a relative and along with his son left Village Sudana, Tehsil Pindi Bhatia, District Hafizabad to visit The Diabetes Centre (TDC), Islamabad for his son’s treatment were like hundreds of other kids he too was considered as ‘Priority # Uno’ and TDC staff felt privileged to offer and perform Free Doctor Consultation, Laboratory Services and Medications (inclusive of Insulin) resulting in controlled sugar levels.
While telling the tale, Mr. Hussain revealed that it all started when back in 2018 they suddenly noticed a sudden and huge increase in thirst/water intake coupled with excessive urination in their ‘then’ 3-and-a-half-year old son Master Rehman Haider. They ignored it for a few days but with the onset of other added symptoms setting in; like fatigue and changes in behavior they took him to Allied Hospital in Faisalabad. Where an unfortunate diagnosis of their son being a Type-1 Diabetic was made.
According to Mr. Shahzad Hussain “I and My wife cried for hours as we had never heard of this disease in children before” that was the start of never-ending suffering of visiting hospitals, Doctors, Hakeems, Peers and what not. A few names after Allied Hospital in Faisalabad are Children Hospital Lahore, Fazal-e-Amar Hospital Rabwah, Waqar Homeo Clinic Rabwah, and many more all over Pakistan but our son’s sugar levels never got under control.
My wife a few years back during her school trip to Murree once saw the building of The Diabetes Centre and she uses to bring it up from time to time saying that they are the Pioneers of Diabetes in Pakistan so let’s try that venue too but my response always was that how will we manage to travel and bear the cost for the treatment.
CEO The Diabetes Centre Interacting with the Little Diabetes Challenger in His Office
Thanks to ALLAH, everything suddenly changed when I agreed with my wife’s suggestion and visited The Diabetes Centre. As 70% of deserving patients are treated free of cost here and income generated from the remaining 30% too also contributes towards the former free category.
First of all, The Diabetes Centre Staff equipped us with the knowledge of Type-1 Diabetes that enabled us to embrace our kid’s disease and manage it. In addition to that TDC provided us with a platform where we can interact with other kids and their parents and receive peer education. These kids inclusive of our kid is no more labeled as a patient now rather they are called Diabetic Challengers.
I would first pray that no kid in Pakistan rather the whole world get Type-1 Diabetes but If god forbids someone is going through the dark times of early diagnosis or its been long; The Diabetes Centre is the GO-TO Medical Facility. I would highly recommend it to all parents of Diabetic Challengers. THANK YOU. The Diabetes Centre!!
Success story the diabetes centre