ABU DHABI // A diabetes hospital is being built in Pakistan thanks to the generosity of expatriates from the UAE.

The Diabetes Centre in Islamabad will offer free treatment to diabetes patients, as well as provide preventive education.

Dr Asjad Hameed, the director of the centre, is a diabetes and endocrinology consultant at a hospital in the capital.

“Being a doctor, I am often approached by blue-collar workers, especially taxi drivers, in the mosque for medical advice,” he said.

“Most of the time I find that they are diabetic. In fact, I believe, at least 90 per cent of Pakistani [taxi] drivers in the UAE are suffering from diabetes because of an unhealthy lifestyle, work and emotional stress,” said Dr Hameed, who has previously worked in the UK and Ireland.

“I realised that if Pakistani blue-collar workers in the UAE cannot afford to take this disease seriously then it must be an even worse situation back home. This led to the dream of establishing a diabetes centre in Pakistan.”

Full Article Link: http://www.thenational.ae/uae/health/pakistanis-in-uae-unite-to-build-dh35m-diabetes-hospital