Popular Investigation TV Progarm Sar-E-Aam team celebrated their 2 years of work in Convention Center Islamabad yesterday. Pakistan’s Largest Diabetes Charity The Diabetes Center participated in this convention to create awareness if diabetes among participants coming from across Pakistan. TDC operated two Not for Profits Hospitals , One at Bara Kahu Islamabad and other at Lahore. TDC is well known place of treatment for sugar patients. TDC administered a special camp on the occasion where 85 sugar patients were attended by screening their sugar level and conducted blood tests. TDC team educated the patients about general precautions,changes in their living style and eating habits in addition to providing them diet control charts.The diabetes center works to improve lives of people dealing with the diabetes irrespective of their ability to pay.
CEO TDC Dr.Babar Saeed Khan and PR officer Zain Rehman were present at the Camp with Medical Administration and Diet Clinic Staff.