Sunburn is not an issue when someone exposes himself for only 10 minutes. Ensure that there is enough water content in the body, says Dr Asjad Hameed, consultant Endocrinologist working in a private Hospital.

What are the major symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency? What are the usual treatment procedures and precautions that you suggest? The long-term effect of vitamin D deficiency is usually on the bone. People will get bone aches, some muscle aches sometimes, and some will present with fractures,” devised against using sunscreen during those 10 minutes because it blocks the absorption of ultraviolet rays. We suggest sunburn is not an issue because if someone only expose his body for 10 minutes, but people should ensure they stayed well hydrated. And we recommended vitamin D tablets for deficiency prevention, after consulting a doctor. How important is Vitamin D for our body and what are the health risks that its deficiency can lead to? Vitamin D is very important for our body because it helps to control the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutri ents are required to keep bones and teeth healthy. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities. For example, bone pain and soreness because of a condition called osteomalacia/ricketsin adults. Vitamin D is an important building block for human health and is mainly produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight. However, there is a high per centage of vitamin D deficiency in the UAE.Ninety per cent of vitamin D is normally obtained from direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but this is not practicable in theUAE as a result of people’s lifestyle, indoorwork, clothing habits due to social norms, and the absence of a clear fortification policy to ensure sufficient vitamin D levels in all products, Vitamin D plays a major role in bone metabolism disorders.