Day Care Clinic

At the core of the Diabetes Centre is the Diabetes Day Centre, which provides holistic multidisciplinary care to patients and families.

Our aim is to promote self-management for patients while minimising the risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

  • The centre operates on an appointment system.
  • A telephone service is also provided for support, advice.
  • We offer individual education and structured education programmes for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • Patients who has been with Diabetes centre and now need to come in for issues.
  • Patient who need further assistance since last appointment.

The Diabetes Centre is also a major resource for other health professionals in the Hospital and the community.

The Diabetes Day Centre is open Monday to Saturday , 8.00am to 5.00pm.

Eye Care Clinic

Human eye is a priceless gift of ALLAH, Diabetes and un managed blood sugar can damaged the nerves inside eyes and gradually a condition created called “retinopathy” also known as diabetic eye disease, in which damage occurs to the retina due to diabetes which can eventually lead to blindness. TDC will provide all the care and specialized treatment for retinopathy including scanning, Eye Camera and laser treatment. For further reading on retinopathy.

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Dental Care Clinic

Diabetes can impact on gums and dental health as well. A regular checkup by an expert is required for diabetes patients in order to measure the healthiness of gums. TDC dental care clinic provides all the facilities for scanning and treatment of dental health.

Kidney Care Clinic

Kidney disease (nephropathy) is much more common in people with diabetes and people with high blood pressure. Kidney disease in diabetes develops very slowly, over many years. It is most common in people who have had the condition for over 20 years. About one in three people with diabetes might go on to develop kidney disease. TDC kidney care clinic regular checkups and scanning of kidney function is available and in case of worse condition several treatment methods will be available.

Cardiac Care Clinic

Blood vessels are damaged by high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure, smoking or high levels of cholesterol. So, it is important for people with diabetes to manage these levels by making lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, taking part in regular activity, reducing weight if you are overweight and stopping smoking. TDC Heart Care Clinic will provide state of the art facilities such as Echocardiogram, stress machines for treatment and scanning. Specialized doctors will provide their consultancies free of cost to the needy ones.

Pregnancy Care Clinic

Diabetes that affects pregnant women is called Gestational diabetes, it occurs usually during the second or third trimester. Women with gestational diabetes don’t have diabetes before their pregnancy, and after giving birth it usually goes away. In some women diabetes may be diagnosed in the first trimester. Similarly a woman already with diabetes can have a pregnancy and these conditions are treated in TDC pregnancy care clinic with specialized doctors, educators and dietitians.

Male Health Care Clinic

Marital relationships is an important part of relationships for adults of all ages. An unfulfilling marital life can lead to feelings of guilt and rejection, causing problems within a relationship.Sexual dysfunction is more common in people with diabetes because poorly controlled diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nervous system causing reduced blood flow and loss of sensation in organs. This can contribute to vaginal dryness in women and erection difficulties in men. TDC will provide a special clinic for such complications with modern means of education and psychological therapies along with medical treatment of such conditions.

Laboratory & Radiology

Diabetics are more likely to have other chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetic foot and bone diseases.

Radiology centre will provide early detection of infection and other chronic complications related to diabetes.

Lab test are critical for the diagnosis of diabetes and its complications.Our stat of the art lab will provide on site real time data, allow the doctors  to efficiently manage the patient and save patient’s multiple visit to the clinic.


Pharmacy will play a key role in management of diabetes.Pharmacy will support us in providing relevant medical supplies to patient on site. We aim to provide quality medical supplies irrespective the paying capabilities of the patients.

Emergency Centre

Diabetics can present with acute emergencies that need timely medical care.The emergency room will allow management of patients presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis , hyperosmolar coma and other medical problems. additionally it will provide on site basic emergency assistance to road traffic injuries and other medical emergencies.

Education Centre

Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management, because optimal diabetes management requires day to day knowledge of nutrition,exercise , monitoring and medication.We are providing good quality diabetes education as critical part of diabetes management for our patients.