Pregnancy Care Clinic in Islamabad Pregnancy Care Clinic in Islamabad

 Pregnancy Care Clinic in Islamabad

Around 10 in 100 women suffer from Gestational Diabetes. Increased insulin level in the blood during early pregnancy can also cause miscarriage although it is not considered gestational diabetes but the research shows how evident is the impact of insulin on pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes occurs mostly during the second or third trimester of pregnancy and it is a condition that only occurs when pregnant. Women with gestational diabetes do not have diabetes before their pregnancy which is why it usually goes away after giving birth.

Good control over glycemic levels is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Poor glycemic control during pregnancy can lead to serious complications for both the mother and baby, such as:

  • Excessive birth weight
  • Premature birth
  • Serious breathing difficulties
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Stillbirth


The Diabetes Centre Pregnancy Care Clinic in Islamabad is one of its kind state-of-the-art Maternity Clinic in Islamabad that specializes in treating all such complications that diabetes-affected pregnant women suffer from.

We also help monitor other co-existing health conditions that may cause gestational diabetes like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. We also pay close attention to the causes to see if the patient has a previous history of gestational diabetes or a family history of diabetes. Women who are overweight or obese are also at a higher risk of developing complications that is why strict monitoring is mandatory during pregnancy.

TDC’s Pregnancy Care Clinic in Islamabad monitors pregnant women thoroughly and checks for all sorts of abnormality to rule out any sort of severe complications. At the TDC Maternity Clinic in Islamabad, the glycemic levels are controlled properly for a healthy and safe experience for both the mother and the baby