MoU Signing Between TDC & ANTH

TDC and Dr. Akhtar Niazi Teaching Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 4th July, 2019. The signing Parties, through this memorandum of understanding, will work towards a shared objective i.e. to provide quality healthcare services and advocacy to treat diabetes and its complications with mutual collaboration, cooperation and interaction.

The purpose of this MOU is to assist, support and extend synergy in the areas of institutionalization, academic medical and clinical research, health advocacy, training, services and logistics which both the parties are working presently and desire to work together in the future for their mutual benefit.  This MoU aims to foster a collaborative framework between TDC and ANTH in various fields with a view to benefit from each other’s initiatives and operations and to support collaboration in all departments to achieve the desired mutual objective. Concerning priority for both the institutes and main reason behind this synergy is to provide standard quality health practices and awareness to the patients of diabetes and its complications.

Both the parties agree and foresee robust practical implications to maximize the benefit to this cause.  Lack of comprehension about gravity of issue, no guidelines or policy framework let alone careful consideration to prevent and aware the public about diabetes and its complications in government of private sector brought TDC and ANTH to the tables. Representatives of both the parties believe that responsibility lies on institutions to bridge the gap and prioritize this cause to save country from economic and social burden.

Signing Cer