About Islamabad Project

TDC Islamabad is a pilot project which started its services in 2011 in a container setup while within a short span of time a purpose built infrastructure has been developed to cater increasing number of patients in 2017. Since 2011, TDC is on upward journey in terms of growing trust of patients for our services and continuous efforts of TDC to provide better and latest disease management solutions and care to diabetics. TDC Islamabad serves as headquarter to all other chapters and future projects.

When you turn to The Diabetes Centre, Islamabad, you are choosing the best diabetes treatment and care solution that the city has to offer. The key standpoints that place us as the best diabetes specialist in Islamabad are the statistics we stand to show, which speaks volumes about our center.

Top-of-the-line infrastructure:
One infrastructure sets us apart which includes the arrangement of healthcare in a relaxing and pleasant environment. In this manner, TDC Islamabad gives uncommon consideration to the patient’s emotional and mental state and feel. Unlike most hospitals in Pakistan that are labeled by sterile interiors and exteriors, TDC Islamabad endeavors to increase present expectations to make a patient and their family’s experience one they remember, since what meets the eye meets one’s expectations.

More than 10 years of service in the prevention, management, and treatment of diabetes:
Our undertaking is to provide a protected, low cost and caring environment, upheld by evidence and proof-based practice and professional advancement in a joint effort with health care providers. Since the start, our main goal has been centered towards providing the best of services to tackle the effects of diabetes and has worked towards building trust amongst our staff, attendants, and patients. And thus far, we have the most comprehensive and complete centers particularly for Diabetes and its variants.

Clinical excellence:
Our research aims to finding the best possible diagnosis and tackling unusual circumstances that may arise with patients. We strive for clinical excellence/superiority that results in upper-grade medical assistance and care, making us the best diabetes specialist in Islamabad.

Sophisticated state of the art facilities:
Our patients choose us specifically because we encompass mainstay facilities like clinical laboratories, pharmacies, emergency rooms, critical care units, and radiology centers with up-to-date equipment. We deliver quick and accurate routine results that are seconded by educated doctors and surgeons.

Patient-centered institution/organization:
Taking into account a population that appreciates and desires personalized administration and care, TDC centers around the smallest of details including different levels of accommodations according to individual budgets. This is especially beneficial for the underprivileged who have been accustomed to the poor conditions in other local hospitals.

We set out to make the entire population healthier
Primarily, we build an atmosphere where we welcome patients from all backgrounds irrespective of their demographics (age, ethnicity, income, gender, etc.). Since our inauguration, we have tasked ourselves with minimizing, if not removing, the difficulties faced by diabetic patients especially those that come from an inferior status. Statistically, we have provided free medical care to 60% of our patients, whom we treated from the proceeds of those that paid for their treatment.