Foot care



Foot Care Clinic

TDC is the only institution in Pakistan which has a specialized department and highly qualified and experienced doctors to provide ideal care for diabetic foot. Our main objective is to manage foot ulcers with care and diligence to minimize the occurrence of amputations caused by diabetic foot. Poorly managed diabetes leads to a condition called neuropathy in which where diabetics’ nervous system becomes insensitive to pain so minor trauma turns into complicated wound infections. In such cases, ulcers are often left untreated till there is no other choice but amputation. 50 to 70% patients of amputations are diabetics. We are providing internationally recognized, state of the art and gold standard techniques like; surgeries and offloading by application of total contact cast to minimize the occurrence of amputations. Currently, all over the world only few (less than 2%) physicians or surgeons are using offloading technique of total contact cast. TDC is among those 2% and our established success rate of this procedure for ulcer healing and healing of Charcot foot deformity is more than 90%. We are also preforming reconstructive surgery for neuropathic foot. TDC is setting up internal foot wear department where consultant orthotist and specialized shoe mender will provide preventive and custom molded foot wear as per the requirement for patient.