DiaBuddies MoU Signing

A Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between The Diabetes Centre Islamabad, Dr Umar Yousaf Raja (Associate Consultant Endocrinologist Shifa International Hospitals Ltd) and Novo Nordisk Pharma (Private) Limited in respect of DiaBuddies Network on Friday, 17th May 2019.
DiaBuddies is a Peer Support Group for children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes. This support group is aimed at improving the lives of children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes by providing a platform to educate, inspire and empower themselves and their parents/caregivers.
This project’s objectives are three dimensional;
Educate: To provide practical & relevant educational material related to Type1 diabetes for children & young adults as well as their parents/caregivers
Inspire: To provide a platform for open dialogue between group members of how they cope up with their struggles
Empower: To equip the members and their parents/caregivers with techniques to successfully manage their diabetes
To ensure the pragmatism of these objectives, strict KPIs have been developed along with SOPs to run the group. Since this support group is aimed at patient’s empowerment, this group will be administered by the patients and new enrollments will be brought up by the patients too. TDC, along with other stakeholders will ensure smooth functioning of the group and provide required support in each domain.
Membership process to DiaBuddies program is kept as uncomplicated as possible. Membership forms will be available with TDC representative and enrollment will be done with the assistance of respective institute.
This type of patient support group will be first of its kind in Pakistan which is focused specifically on diabetes and its related complications which keeps the patients dominant stakeholders for managing this disease.