Diabetes Education Clinic in Islamabad

The Diabetes Education Clinics in Islamabad and Lahore operated by TDC serve the purpose of educating the diabetes patients and general public about the complication that comes with diabetes and their generic cure. TDC considers itself as a socially responsible organization and a major stakeholder of Diabetes in Pakistan and with the provision of facilities like, comprehensive diagnostic, curative, and rehabilitative services, the Diabetes Centre also makes sure to give its best to raise disease awareness among the masses of Pakistan because it is crucial to create awareness and educate people about the disease that every fourth Pakistani is suffering from.

The core motive behind TDC Diabetes Education Centre in Islamabad is to raise awareness and educate people about diabetes, its complications, and the management of the disease. This will help people diagnose their condition in the early stages and early diagnosis means better treatment. This will also ensure that people are educated enough to manage their condition and not let it get worse.

Our team of specialized and qualified nutritionists and educators at TDC Diabetes Education Clinic in Islamabad conducts customized and group education sessions with patients and their families.

These sessions are conducted using audio-visual modules and face to face interactions which are based around the core subjects related to diabetes, like:

1)  Dietary plan for diabetics
2) Management of diabetes and its complications
3) Management of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
4) Techniques of Insulin
5) Lifestyle management
6) Counseling sessions for therapeutic mental health

TDC’s Diabetes Education Centre is working tirelessly in Islamabad and Lahore to help in lowering the burden of diabetes, especially in Pakistan, where people suffer in a worse-possible manner due to lack of awareness and education.