Can Diabetics eat Sweet Potato (Shakarkandi)?

Sweet potato is a root vegetable, which is high in antioxidants and fiber. From being one of the best sources of vitamin A, D, B6, and ascorbic acid to being excellent facilitator indigestion. As for nutritional facts, sweet potato contains 86 calories per 100g; total fat is 0.1g per 100g with no saturated fats. Also, a good source of potassium, sodium, vitamin, and fiber.

Taking into account its health benefits, sweet potato improves digestion because of its high fiber content. The starch part of it is easily digestible and fibrous content removes the risk of constipation and acts as a soothing agent for the stomach and intestine by enhancing natural digestion.

Keeping in view the complex starch and minerals, it facilitates muscle buildup and it is beneficial for those who need to gain weight.

However, sweet potato is known for its sweetness, but it has never been found responsible for hyperglycemia. This is because of its low glycemic index and difference in the less glycemic load that is 17 of sweet potato in comparison with regular potato, which is 29. The availability of high-fat content also minimizes the absorption of glucose. Besides this, sweet potato has the right combination of low sodium and high potassium contents, which are beneficial for maintaining blood pressure and for stimulating neural activity. It also contains a generous amount of magnesium that helps in regulating blood sugar levels by taking part in energy metabolism and protein synthesis as well as maintains normal heartbeats.

In addition to its digestive properties, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is also beneficial to maintain our body’s peristalsis. In this way, it minimizes the risk of vomiting and constipation. Along with vitamin B6, it also takes care of the body’s metabolism, influence enzymatic activity, enhances the immune system, and maintains liver function abundant in essential minerals like iron. It provides resistance to stress, increases red and white blood cell production, and hence regulates immune systems.

Sweet potato is a versatile, sweet root vegetable with many health benefits discussed above. Take advantage of its nutrient profile by using it in moderation as a part of a healthy diet because an excess of anything can be harmful.

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