Post 07 Testimonial

A Real-life heart-touching story of Sheraz who survived the battle with death and returned to life.

“Am I going to be able to live any longer or die of this disease soon? Will I be able to have medical attention to survive? Would a poor driver like me be able to pay for my treatment? If I pass away, what is going to happen to my family? Many troubling questions kept exploding in my mind soon after discovering that my kidneys failed due to uncontrolled diabetes and I was told that I could not survive without dialysis, a very costly treatment unaffordable for a person like me. It was the worst news that I could ever get in my lifetime. The disclosure brought absolute darkness to my life. I was haunted a great deal by the thoughts of unaffordable medical treatment. My family was shattered and I was dejected with the thought of low chances of survival that I started to lose interest in life.

However, a ray of hope appeared right at the time when I was getting ready to surrender to death. Someone introduced me to The Diabetes Centre (TDC) which is located in Islamabad. I was blessed to be one of those who could take advantage of the facility as TDC provides benefits to all patients with modern medical facilities irrespective of their ability to pay medical bills. Upon visiting TDC, I was welcomed nicely and the staff processed my enrolment smoothly. TDC’s medical team studied my case and began to plan for the treatment, which was expensive as it included regular administration of required medications, numerous tests, regular monitoring, and expensive dialysis sessions. I found myself so blessed since it was free of cost for me.

Effective treatment by the compassionate doctors and competent support staff resulted in my successful recovery within days and now, I can survive. It was all like a dream for me to get the best possible treatment and that too for free. I believe TDC would undoubtedly keep bringing positive changes to the common people’s lives. No doubt, TDC has brought about a miraculous turnaround in my life by rescuing me and my family members from the physical and mental ordeal that we were experiencing.”

– Sheraz Ahmed from Manga village, district Rawalpindi