Diabetes Specialist Hospital in Pakistan

Being one of the top diabetes specialist hospitals in Pakistan, we provide systematic care to ensure effective diagnosis, treatment, management and education of patients with diabetes type 1 and 2, endocrine disorders and associated risks of diabetes. From nutritional counseling and psychiatry to performing complicated surgeries, we have an expertise in your condition. We deliver the best possible healthcare accessible to everyone with the help of our team of doctors, physicians and consultants who work collectively in enabling individualized care and comfort to patients. Also, our clinical experts continually research, upgrade themselves and educate patients on diabetes management, making us the best diabetes specialist hospital in Pakistan.

Our Fight Against Diabetes

The Diabetes Centre, Inc. (TDC), has taken up the challenge of dealing with the dramatic rise of diabetes prevalence in Pakistan. Our strategy focuses on providing comprehensive preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services for diabetes patients. TDC aims at increasing diabetes awareness, education and health care delivery. Our primary goal is to provide standard clinical services to the diabetic patients from all over Pakistan under one roof, irrespective of their ability to pay.

TeleMedicine Facility

If you're unable to visit TDC's Hospitals in Islamabad and Lahore, you can avail of a Telemedicine facility by booking an appointment with our highly trained and experienced diabetes consultants to manage diabetes and its related complications effectively.



Currently, TDC Islamabad (Centre of Excellence at Murree Expressway and G-8 Markaz Clinic) and TDC Lahore Clinic are functional. TDC plans to establish hospitals, clinics, indoor & outdoor treatment facilities all over Pakistan, on
not-for-profit basis.



TDC is providing healthcare
services and medicines to
all of the patients irrespective of their paying ability
while prices have been
kept reasonable
for those who
can afford it easily.



TDC is playing major role in providing health
literacy and advocacy to fight the growing menace of diabetes in Pakistan.



TDC organizes integrated
clinical training programs
as well as conferences
and symposia for
continuous medical
education of

Our Values

Service with dedication & high purpose.
Quality in all aspects of patient care.
Sustainability of human and financial capital.

Our Mission

To be recognized as a global leader improving the lives of people with diabetes, irrespective of their ability to pay, through medical care, education, research, innovation and advocacy for cure and prevention of the disease


Our Vision

A World Without Diabetes & its Complications


Our Progress

We are the largest charity in Pakistan, focused on diabetes care, treatment and awareness to general masses. Our progress within the perspective of TDC’s vision and mission is testament of our dedication and commitment towards the cause


Construction of Hospital

TDC Islamabad purpose-built new building serving patients since 2018, Next step TDC Lahore has also started its services.


Funds generated so far

Additional PKR 80 Million required to complete the Phase 2.


Free Patients Served

Out of 177,090 Patient Visits


Undiagnosed Diabetics

Were discovered during 157 free awareness & screening camps so far.


Female Patients

Among 22370 patients seen during 2019.

Our Doctors

To know about TDC's highly experienced and qualified diabetes consultants/diabetes specialists.

Discover Our Services

We offer 12 specialized facilities related to diabetes and it’s complications under one roof, to provide comprehensive and sustainable care.

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